University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce

The McIntire School of Commerce is regarded as one of the nation's finest business schools, offering world-class programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level. McIntire’s undergraduate program offers students a Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree; students may choose to concentrate in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management, or Information Technology.

In addition to its undergraduate program, McIntire offers three graduate-level programs: an M.S. in Commerce Program, a Master's in Management designed to prepare recent liberal arts, science, and engineering graduates for careers in business; an M.S. in Accounting Program, which helps recently graduated accounting students sharpen the analytical and technical skills they need to excel in the field of accounting; and an M.S. in the Management of Information Technology (M.S. in MIT) Program, designed for early- to mid-career professionals seeking to advance their careers by bettering their understanding of the business-IT nexus.

Educational Offerings



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