Pepperdine University School of Law

A former dean of the Pepperdine University School of Law was known to tell prospective students, "If you want to be a decent person and a good lawyer, come here." A legal education from the School of Law intends not only that its students become excellent practitioners of the law, but that they would aspire to epitomize the legal profession in its best practice, as advocates and instruments of peace, care, and service to their clients and to society. Students are instructed and counseled within a context and worldview of Christian values, supported by faculty and administration.

Originally founded in 1964 as the Orange University College of Law located in Santa Ana, the School of Law became affiliated with Pepperdine University in 1969.

Distinctive to Pepperdine among law schools is that the School of Law puts students at the heart of the enterprise. This attitude manifests itself in the law student experience of open-door accessibility to professors, delivery of solid foundational concepts, superior "examsmanship" preparation, useful clinical and legal practice skills, events to interact with the highest practitioners in the profession today, and cultivation of a keen moral and ethical sense in approaching the practice of law.

Educational Offerings



  • Legal Studies: Business Law
  • Legal Studies: Intellectual Property
  • Legal Studies: Corporate Law


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