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My Student Success Lab

MyStudentSuccessLab helps students acquire skills for ongoing personal and professional development through formative assessment to measure gains/losses. Learning outcomes-based, it personalizes the path to completion through Dr. David Conley’s research-based model to improve college and career readiness for students through a self-diagnostic online tool that provides actionable data. By incorporating this into MyStudentSuccessLab, one powerful tool is formed that offers quality assessment and robust reporting to prove efficacy.

Educational Offerings

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A First Step: Goal Setting
Critical Thinking
Financial Literacy
Information Literacy
Learning Preferences
Listening and Taking Notes in Class
Majors and Careers
Memory and Studying
Reading and Annotating
Stress Management
Test-Taking Skills
Time Management

Online - Self-Directed
Teen, Adult
MyStudentSuccessLab is an online solution designed to help students Start strong, Finish stronger by building skills for ongoing personal and professional development. It will help them acquire and develop the academic and contextual skills they need to succeed in college, career, and life. They will have access to peer-led video presentations and interactive exercises and projects that will transfer to ANY course. Topics include such things as financial literacy, information literacy, professionalism, time management, goal setting, note taking and more.

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Online - Self-Directed
Teen, Adult
Conley Readiness Index

In MyStudentSuccessLab courses, your instructor has the option of making the Conley Readiness Index (CRI) available to you. The CRI is a survey that gives you insight into your learning style and strengths, and gives you opportunities for improvement. You complete the survey by rating how well a variety of statements apply to you. CRI then runs a report that shows where your strengths are and where you may want to build more skills.

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  • Education: College Readiness
  • Business: Productivity & Time Management


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