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Kent State University

Founded in 1910, Kent State University has become a leading institution of higher education in the state of Ohio and across the nation. KSU faculty is as diverse as the degree programs we offer, hailing from six continents. Most have obtained terminal degrees in their respective fields. This diversity enables faculty to engage in a collaborative way with students, encouraging independent, forward thinking individuals who become community leaders.

Kent State is ranked among the nation’s top research universities and, in 2010, celebrated its centennial.


Educational Offerings

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  1. Connect better with your students and individualize learning.
  2. Identify opportunities to improve planning, instruction and standardized assessments.
  3. Articulate measurable results to administrators and other stakeholders.
  4. Implement technologies in your classroom with an increased level of comfort.
  5. Drive change and move full STEAM ahead in your conversations and actions.
  6. Incorporate reflective practice and action research to improve learning outcomes.
  7. Build high-level skills in advocacy, communication and leadership.
Online - Graduate Degree
We have the only online music education degree that offers a dual-focused curriculum, giving you the ability to customize your coursework in general music, instrumental or choral. When you develop specific skills in a second music specialty, you give yourself more career flexibility and security.

$ 19902.00

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  • Communicate the strategic value of PR within an organization, nonprofit or the military.
  • Demonstrate your business acumen and gain the respect of senior management.
  • Draw from your broad understanding of public relations, communications theory and strategy.
  • Create effective messaging and maximize results by managing media and analytics.
  • Apply proficiencies in social media, branding, strategic writing and team leadership.
Online - Graduate Degree
If you have an extensive background in public relations, you are the perfect candidate for this public relations degree. Heres why. Its probably been a while since you studied public relationsyouve been busy practicing it. But you recognize that a lot has changed. Now is the time to gain new competencies insocial media, crisis communications, modern story sharing and articulating PRs value to management. Whether youre interested in consulting or entrepreneurship, planning to move into executive management or heading for the C-suite, our program can provide you with the professional development that can help solidify your career advancement. Ready to write the next chapter in your success story? Start here with us.

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$ 23904.00


  • Education: Teaching & Curriculum
  • Business: Communications, Public Speaking & Public Relations


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