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Knoitall is a community of passionate knowledge seekers and knowledge providers. We support a powerful but “easy-to-use” learning platform to help you share and sell what you know. It's easy to build a learning network on the Knoitall platform.

How it Works

When you join Knoitall we connect you to a passionate community of learning providers who have created content to support the topics you care about...everything from cooking to algorithms...management to marathon training. And we give you a way to quickly and easily list your own learning opportunities for others. We understand that everyone knows something about something. We make it easy for you to share or sell that knowledge with others.

  1. Create a listing, tag it, and your listing will be promoted to other Knoitall members who have an interest in the topic. You can quickly build a network of followers who want to learn about the topics you care about.
  2. Some listings can be purchased, like a block of tutoring sessions, a learning product, or a face-to-face class
  3. If a student purchases one of your listings through Knoitall, the funds will be transfered directly into your Stripe account. You don't even need a bank account to receive payments through Stripe. If you elect to advertise your offerings and wish to receive prosepctive students, Knoitall will link them to a landing page on your site.
  4. If a student purchases one of your offerings, Knoitall will deliver to the student a receipt with a QR code and directions to provide this receipt to you at the first session. This document provides confirmation to you and to Knoitall that the student paid for enrollment in your offering.
  5. When you receive a registration receipt, you scan the QR code with any smart phone “free” QR code reader, and the attendance of the student will be stored in your Knoitall account.
  6. After the learning is completed, you can add any comments or a badge of completion to the student's record in Knoitall, which will appear in the student's Knoitall account.
  7. All reminders to the student, you, and/or your instructor about an upcoming learning session are automatically generated by Knoitall.
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