Business Solutions

You can now build a customized view of Knoitall for your workforce. Select the competencies you wish to develop, pick your suppliers, and then privatize your group. Once set up, employees can join your page through email confirmation or Single Sign On and can view or consume the learning content available through your private learning center.

Once you have selected the providers and content to make available through your private page, add your own content, and it can be kept private, viewable only to those you allow into your private learning center. The benefit of this approach is that employees only see programs that match your needs. More is not always better and Knoitall manages the content so only the relevant information is presented.

Get Access to the Most Complete Network of Learning Content Available Anywhere

We support a large and diverse community of learning providers that cover hundreds of science, technology, engineering, and management-related topics...with new listings being added every day. Your employees will have access to a growing, organic network of learning providers that will help them build a depth of knowledge that far surpasses the traditional learning catalogs available to organizations today.

Employees have access to a 'consumer-friendly' learning center that is customized to the competency needs of your organization. It includes your brand, learning messages and most importantly, learning programs that support the skills you need and want.

Add the Knoitall Concierge Service to Your Private Page and Get Your Own Learning Travel Agent

Knoitall has content experts that we can make available through your private page to answer questions on the programs and providers available through your learning center. These advisors are experts in understanding the content providers within our network, and can help employees identify the best options for their specific needs.


Competency Framework

Knoitall has created a competency-based framework around learning that allows you to configure a fully-customized view of our learning providers and offerings. This means you can tailor the offerings visible to your employees.

Comprehensive Learning Formats

Knoitall supports multiple learning formats including face-to-face, online, informal training videos, custom training programs, individual classes, certifications and fully-accredited degree programs. You can build a comprehensive learning solution for your workforce.

Learning Outcomes

Every piece of learning added to the Knoitall network has identified learning outcomes that can be tied back to the skills needs of your organization.

Digital Transcripts

Learning events consumed by your employees through Knoitall are stored in their own digital transcripts that can be shared and exported to your performance management system.

Private Group Features

Your Knoitall learning center can be privatized for viewing by your employees only. We provide email confirmation or Single Sign On to support the privacy needs of your Company page.

Presonalized Chaperone Service

We can supply a Knoitall content expert to be your employee's personal concierge on the offerings available through your page. Our content experts can provide guidance and recommendations on all options available through your private learning center.