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Southeast Community College

Southeast Community College is a vibrant two-year public institution of higher education serving a primary area of 15 counties in southeast Nebraska. SCC offers multiple locations and continues to expand its online opportunities. With high-quality career/technical and academic programs and very affordable tuition and fees, SCC provides students with tremendous opportunities to create their futures through the obtainment of new knowledge, skills and awareness.

Our unique blend of career/technical programs will provide students with the skills necessary to be successful in the workforce. SCC’s programs provide students with opportunities to work with the latest equipment and technologies. Students enrolled in career/technical programs also receive high-quality instruction in academic areas to ensure they have both the technical and academic skills necessary to succeed at different organizational levels and in a variety of dynamic work environments.

The first two years of a four-year degree represent the essential academic foundation. SCC’s Academic Transfer program provides students with an outstanding opportunity to obtain a high-quality academic foundation at very affordable rates. SCC offers small class sizes with instructors dedicated to instructional excellence, student success and the development of reflective and creative learners.

Educational Offerings

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Provide technical training in the area of John Deere Agricultural Equipment, specifically engines, tractor performance, power trains, hydraulic systems, electrical/electronic systems, heating and air-conditioning systems, fuel systems, tillage equipment, planting equipment, harvesting equipment, and agricultural management solutions. Provide an effective training program that meets the employment needs of the John Deere Agricultural Equipment Dealership. Provide students with safe working habits so as not to injure themselves, others, or personal property. Instill in the student a sense of punctuality and time management.
Face-to-Face - Undergraduate Degree
SCC's John Deere Tech program is a cooperative effort between John Deere Co., the John Deere Dealership Network and SCC. It is designed to be completed in seven quarters (21 months). Students are on campus participating in lecture/lab courses during five of the seven quarters. The other two quarters involve a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate the knowledge they have learned on campus at their sponsoring John Deere dealership. During these Cooperative Education Experiences, students are paid, helping offset the costs of college. The program is fully accredited by the state of Nebraska and by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

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Face-to-Face - Undergraduate Degree
The program is the result of a cooperative effort between John Deere Construction Equipment Company and SCC. It is a seven-quarter program designed to teach students all facets of Deere Construction & Forestry Equipment; from backhoes, excavators, dozers, loaders, motor graders, scrapers, to articulated trucks. Deere construction equipment is used in numerous types of earthmoving, including road building, underground utilities, site development and residential construction. It also is used in material handling, road repair, maintenance, and in full-tree and cut-to-length harvesting operations and in mill yards. Students will be on campus the first two quarters (six months) followed by one quarter (three months) of work experience in a sponsoring Deere Construction & Forestry Equipment dealership. Quarters four and five will be on campus, followed by another quarter of work experience at the students sponsoring dealership. The seventh quarter will be on campus prior to graduation. Wages earned during these periods of work experience help offset students educational costs. While on campus, students participate in lecture/lab courses during five of the seven quarters. The program is fully accredited by the state of Nebraska and by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

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  • Engineering: Engineering & Technology Management
  • Business: Construction



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