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Pepperdine University

With nearly 8,000 students in its five schools, Pepperdine University was founded in 1937. Pepperdine is a Christian university whose faculty, staff, and student body are comprised of people of all backgrounds and faiths. Pepperdine’s courses are taught domestically in Southern California and in Washington, D.C. in addition to international campuses and via distance learning. Pepperdine is devoted to providing students with the most rewarding academic experience by focusing on the highest paradigms of academic distinction.

Educational Offerings

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Online - Graduate Degree
Discover a values-centered, collaborative, and experience-driven online MBA program specifically designed for working professionals. Imparting a solid foundation in current business and management theory and practice, the AACSB-accredited MBA program focuses on building your essential business knowledge in areas such as finance, marketing, accounting, economics, quantitative analysis, law, human behavior, information systems, strategy, management, and leadership.

Build your business intelligence as you examine business from a global perspective and address the impact of globalization, competition, technological innovation, and ethics in the workplace. Develop the practical skills youll need to thoroughly analyze and tackle the challenges of modern business with confidence and composure. Improve your communications while learning what it takes to be an effective and persuasive manager and leader.

  • Finance Study portfolio management, corporate finance, investment banking, financial institutions management, and financial risk management. Analyze real estate investments. Discover the procedure for financing entrepreneurial ventures. Examine global capital markets and institutions and uncover the bottom line on business finance.
  • Leadership and Managing Organizational Change Discover values-centered leadership and learn to advance responsible business practice. Develop your entrepreneurial initiative, examine business ethics and look at business from a global perspective. Learn to become an effective manager and team leader who values diversity and organizational dynamics.
  • Marketing Examine the concepts, techniques, and tools needed for developing marketing strategy and marketing programs. Learn what it takes to play an active role in deciding which consumer groups to serve and which products and services to produce. Study promotions, pricing, and distribution arrangements to evaluate profitability and growth potential.
  • General Management Choose the direction of your advanced business education. Select the specific electives that most interest you. From leadership to marketing strategy, accounting to entrepreneurship, youll take the elective courses that you feel will have the most positive impact on your career and your future.

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