Setting Up Your Resource Center

With Knoitall, you get "2 Stores in 1".  All of your resources and items for sale are available in both your Knoitall resource center, as well as our marketplace, reaching a world-wide audience of learning enthusiasts. Setting up and operating your resource center is completely free. You can use it to organize your existing content (articles, blogs, videos, slide shows, etc) around our learning framework to educate your audience. You can also sell your resources and learning opportunities that you create through Knoitall.

When you sell items through Knoitall, you are charged a 5% sales fee by Knoitall that is taken out at the time of the transaction. We use Stripe as our payment processor for credit cards, and they charge the typical 2.75% on credit card transactions. Setting up a Stripe account is completely free, and it ensures that you receive your funds immediately for any purchases made through Knoitall.

How Do I Build My Knoitall Resource Center?

Probably the most exciting thing about your Knoitall Resource Center is that we have already done most of the work for you. We provide you with powerful tools to manage your inventory, adjust pricing, and manage your audience.

Naming My Resource Center

When you create your account, you'll select a profile name. Your profile name is the name we assign to your resource center. We only allow one unique name for each resource center, so hurry up and get yours before it's gone. Most people choose the name of their business unless they want a simpler name. The name you choose is automatically made available to you and others at your Knoitall resource center address;

Adding Items To My Resource Center

All of your items will be available for consumers to review and purchase through your resource center. Simply tag your existing items or create new ones from the "+ADD" tab.

Linking to Your Resource Center

Because it's free, most people link directly to their resource center from their website.  If you currently have a link on your website for your classes or other resource opportunities, you can replace that with a link directly to your Knoitall resource center and we will help you manage the interactions between your audience and your offerings.

Contact Customer Support

If you're looking for more help or have a question to ask, please contact us.