Knoitall Premium Features

Setting up a resource center at Knoitall is free. Our platform gives you robust tools to build your resource center, sell products and services, and manage your audience. Within the Knoitall marketplace you can list just about anything that has a learning outcome, including classes, products, one-on-one tutoring, free resources, certificates and degrees.

Public Resource Centers

Public resource centers are free to set up and manage on the Knoitall platform. There are no ongoing licensing fees for use of our software to run your public resource center.

You can link people directly from your website to your resource center to purchase or view the items you have for sale. To promote your Knoitall page through your own website or other social channels, select one of the links available through the widgets page.

Upgrade Your Learning Center through our Premium Features

You can add a promotional video to your resource center that will help your audience learn more about why they should buy from you (see a sample). This premium feature is only $150 per month or $1,200 for a year. Upload your video and we will reach out to set up the billing for this service.

Advertise and Sell Through Knoitall

You can promote your learning offerings through Knoitall either by advertising these offerings, or by listing them for sale. Only products, individual classes, group lessons, tutoring and advising may be listed for sale through Knoitall. Other learning formats may be advertised.

If you list an item for sale through Knoitall we charge a 5% sales fee. We use Stripe as our payment processor, which allows us to directly transfer funds from your sales into your bank account. It's free to sign up with Stripe. You can sign up with Stripe directly from within your Knoitall account.

For learning formats that cannot be directly sold through Knoitall (degrees and certificates), we provide you with a channel to capture these prospective students by linking them directly to your site to request more information.

Pricing for promoting your listings is contained in the Cost-Per-Click Pricing.

Cost-Per-Click Promotional Pricing

Program Type Cost Per Click
Certificates $10
Degrees $20

Privatizing Your Learning Center

Many organizations privatize their learning center so that only their audience has access to the learning opportunities available through their page. It's easy to privatize your learning center through Knoitall. Simply click the "Make Private" link from your account and select the privatization option that best fits your needs.

Organizations that privatize their page pay a licensing fee based upon the number of users that join their learning center. These fees are listing here.

Paying Your Fees

If you are selling products or services through Knoitall, we will collect our sales fee (5%) at the time of sale, and forward the remainder of the funds to your bank account through Stripe. If you are advertising with us, Knoitall will collect our fees on a monthly basis by submitting an itemized bill to you for the billable transactions that have occurred during the calendar month.

Payment Due Date

You will be billed by us at the end of the month and an invoice will be sent to the email address we have on file for you. You have until the end of the following month to make payment on the amounts owed.

Past Due Accounts

If your account is past due, your account may be placed on hold for non-payment, and your sales items will be suspended until your account is brought back to a "current" status.