How to Become a Better Seller

Now that you have the basics, here are some tips to help you improve your sales.

  1. Offer Introductory Classes - Consumers like to take a “test drive” before they buy.  Providers who understand this take advantage by creating introductory classes of no more than 2-4 sessions where the consumer has a chance to try out the learning before making a long term commitment. 

  2. Include student testimonials in your item descriptions - Word of mouth remains the number one way that consumers find and purchase learning.  Providing student testimonials gives consumers third party validation for your offerings.    

  3. Be specific about what the consumer will learn - If you offer multiple sessions within a class, be specific about what the consumer will learn during each session.  You may want to provide a schedule of outcomes within the item description.  You should also be sure to complete the "Learning Outcomes" field with a set of outcomes.  We highlight these on the item details page.

Contact Customer Support

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