Managing Your Audience

Knoitall has developed a suite of tools to help you manage your audience and track their learning progress.  This is done through your account.

  1. Checking In a Consumer - Knoitall provides an easy check in process for learning providers and for consumers.  When a consumer purchases a lesson, class, or tutoring session, they receive a QR-coded receipt from the Knoitall system that they can print out or store on their mobile device.  When the student attends the first session, they are directed to bring this receipt with them.  Using any free QR code reader for your mobile device you can scan each QR code to check in the student.  The second way you can check in your students is to print out the student roster and scan the QR code next to each student when they arrive for the class.  A third way is to pull up this page on your device and have it handy when students arrive.  As they arrive, click the green “Check In” box next to their name, and they will be checked into the event.

  2. Tracking Your Audience - Each time a consumer attends a class session, you can check them in and track their attendance.  Our system stores the number of times a person has been checked in for a session so that you can track attendance.

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