Managing Your Listings

Knoitall has built robust inventory management tools to help you manage and edit your existing listings.  Through these tools you can edit your existing listings, cancel upcoming classes, and quickly copy existing listings to provide new pricing or dates.

  1. Understanding Your Existing Items page - Knoitall puts your items into a table based upon whether they are open and available for consumption, no longer available for consumption, and canceled.  If an event shows as green, it is still open for consumption; if it is yellow, it is no longer available for consumption, and if it is red, the item has been canceled.

  2. Viewing my sales, prospects, and enrollments - You can view your sales from within the listing table itself.  Within this column we show you the number of sales and the total inventory available for sale.  Click on the orange number in any row to see the detailed consumer information for that item.

  3. Edit Existing Items - To edit existing items, simply click on one of the item titles and you will be taken to the posting page. From here you can edit any of the details for the item.

  4. Repeating an Item - Many sellers have events that take place multiple times throughout the year.  Knoitall makes it easy to duplicate these events.  From the “Actions” column click on the “copy” link next to the event you want to copy.  All of the information from that event, with the exception of the start and end dates, is copied.  Simply update the start and end dates for the event, save it, and you will now have a new item for sale.

  5. Deleting an item - You can delete any item for which you don't have any customers.  Simply check the box to the left of the item title and hit Delete Selected.

  6. Canceling an Item - If you have listed an event that has existing consumers, and you need to cancel the event, you do so by clicking on the "Cancel" link within the "Actions" column.  When you cancel an event, Knoitall will send out a notification to each customer who signed up for the event confirming that the event has been canceled.  It is up to you to manage the refunds to these participants.

Expired Items

Items automatically expire in our system based upon the learning format.  If the item for sale is a "face-to-face" class, the item will expire when the "Start Date" is reached.  If the item is ongoing, such as with a tutoring session or lessons, the item expires when the "Completion Date" is reached. If the item for sale is a product, the item expires when the "Completion Date" is reached.

Contact Customer Support

If you're looking for more help or have a question to ask, please contact us.