Listing Consulting or Advising Services

Knoitall provides a way for you to sell ongoing advising or consulting sessions.

Follow the steps below to list your advising or consulting for sale:

  1. Log into your account and select "Consulting or Advising" from the List tab
  2. Knoitall allows you to sell your advising or consulting as a "block of sessions". For many providers, the specifics of the schedule are confirmed later between You and the Buyer. In the scheduling tab, define the days of the week these sessions can be completed, the number of sessions you are selling in this package, and the duration of each session.
  3. Price your package
  4. Make sure to set up your free Stripe account and link it to Knoitall through your payment settings. When a purchase occurs we will automatically transfer the funds to your Stripe account.

Manage Your Enrollments & Sales

You will be notified at the email we have on file for you whenever a consumer purchases one of your listings. Knoitall will deliver to the consumer a paid receipt with instructions for redeeming the purchase, and a QR code.

  • Check In for Your Learning Events - If you are selling a block of sessions, our system will note the number of sessions the consumer has purchased and this will be included on their receipt.
  • Prior to Your Learning Event - On the day prior to your learning event Knoitall will automatically send out a reminder to each participant, including any items that he/she should bring to the event. If you have designated an instructor for your event, we will send them a reminder email as well, and include in the email the details for the person who has enrolled in the sessions.
  • The First Session - On the day of the first session the participant will provide their Knoitall-produced enrollment confirmation. You will want to check in the participant so that you have a record of their attendance.
  • Ongoing - Our system will automatically track for you each time a participant has participated in one of your sessions. Simply scan the QR code for the participant each time they attend, and a record of their attendance will be stored in your account as well as in the consumer's transcript.
  • After the Event - You can view all of your consumers from within your account. You will be able to quickly see if the consumer checked in for the event, and the number of sessions he/she has attended. Use this to track when your consumer is ready to purchase his/her next set of sessions.

Contact Customer Support

If you're looking for more help or have a question to ask, please contact us.