We Source Your Learning Opportunities to the Individuals and Organizations Who Need It

When you list your learning opportunities in Knoitall, our system will analyze your offerings and assign competencies from our library. Then, our system automatically maps the competencies from your offerings to the competency needs of each member within our network. Members interested in your learning opportunities can include individuals, corporations, associations, and school districts. If there is a match, your offerings will be sourced to these customers and appear directly in their individual learning centers. This happens automatically every time you list a new item through Knoitall.

How can Knoitall Help Me Engage with its Network?

It depends on what you offer and how you price it:

  1. If you offer learning items directly to the learner, all you need to do is list your items on the Knoitall platform and our software will source your offerings directly to the learners who have an interest in what you offer.
  2. If you offer a catalog of classes or other offerings that you price on a subscription model, we will work with you on a referral basis, and make sure to position you to our community when they are setting up their learning centers. Clients that are interested in adding your content to their learning centers will reach out to you directly through our platform to formalize the relationship, at which point our system will automatically add your catalog to their learning center. If you fall into this category, connect with a Knoitall Advisor to learn more.
  3. If you offer custom programs, we can add you to our RFI/RFP tool that our customers use to select on-site training partners.