Listing Guidelines

Please read our listing requirements and our Privacy Policy prior to registering to list your content on the Knoitall website.

What Can Be Listed?

  1. Classes, Lessons and Tutoring Sessions
  2. Advising and Consulting Sessions
  3. Afterschool Programs
  4. Career Education (degrees, certificates) designed for the working adult
  5. Products that provide learning outcomes
  6. Videos, slide shows, articles and other learning resources
  7. Other self directed learning opportunities

Listing Requirements

Knoitall seeks to provide access to learning-related opportunities for both children and adults. We seek to connect consumers to the broadest range of learning-related opportunities available anywhere. However, we may choose, at our discretion, to limit certain types of learning from Knoitall. As a general rule, we do not allow the following types of opportunities to be listed:

  1. Items, products, or programs that are deemed to be illegal, or to support illegal activities
  2. Items, products, or programs that are deemed to foster hate, or to limit an individual's civil rights
  3. Items, products, or programs that promote or foster pornography
  4. Items, products, or programs that, in Knoitall's opinion, take advantage of our community
  5. Items, products, or programs that, in our opinion, are not related to learning.

Listing Free Learning Opportunities

We do allow providers to list free resources and opportunities through Knoitall. There is no charge for listing these opportunities.

Canceling a Listing

You may cancel a listing at any time prior to the listing deadline by logging into your Knoitall account, selecting the item listed, and clicking on the cancel link next to the listing.

When you do this Knoitall handles all of the notifications to your consumers for those who have already paid. You are responsible for refunding the full amount paid by your consumers for any items or sessions not delivered. In addition to the refund, you will still be charged the 10% Knoitall sales fees for any transactions that were made through the Knoitall marketplace. You will be refunded any fees charged by Stripe.

Pricing of Your Items

Knoitall has a "lowest price guarantee" with our community. This means that we guarantee that your items will be priced at or below the pricing that you charge for the same items through any other distribution channels. For this reason we require that the prices you charge for your items listed through Knoitall be at or below the prices charged through these other channels.

If we find that the pricing charged on Knoitall for your items is higher than the prices charged elsewhere, we reserve the right to immediately remove your items from our marketplace.

Item Discounting

If you offer any discounts on items through your online or physical properties, you must price your items through Knoitall at the discounted pricing. This includes any and all forms of discounts.

If you offer more than one form of discount, the sum of which adds up to an even greater discount, you must price your items at the combined discount through Knoitall.


Knoitall supports the creation of coupons that you can offer to segments of your audience to be used at the time of purchase. Knoitall gives you flexibility over how you use your coupons. You can create coupons from within your account.

Contact Customer Support

If you're looking for more help or have a question to ask, please contact us.