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Knoitall provides a powerful but "easy-to-use" platform to help you promote, sell, and manage all of your learning items and learners. It's easy to set up and grow your business on the Knoitall platform. AND, as a member of Knoitall, all of your learning opportunities are available to our global audience of learners through

Who Builds Learning Centers at Knoitall?

  • Bloggers, school teachers, computer programmers, athletes, musicians, mathematicians, artists, and thousands of other private teachers build learning centers and list classes and other learning formats for sale through Knoitall.
  • Colleges and universities, businesses, training organizations and private studios list their degrees, certificates, training programs and lessons through Knoitall.
  • Consultants, career advisors, and private tutors list blocks of one-on-one sessions through Knoitall.
  • Corporations that want to educate their workforce list their offerings and engage with their learning providers through Knoitall.
  • Organizations that want to promote their brand by educating their consumers to their products and services also build learning centers at Knoitall.
  • K-12 school districts build and manage their afterschool programs on the Knoitall platform.

How it Works

When you sign up with Knoitall you get a free learning center where you can create your listings, manage your prospective students, check in new students and get paid. Every time you add a listing on Knoitall, we help you sell it not only to your audience, but to the larger community of Knoitalls. We do this by targeting your learning opportunities directly to the learning feeds of our community based upon their interests. Each member of our learning community can create their own learning profile and, if the learning you added matches their profile, Voila... it shows up instantly in their learning feed.

LISTING ON KNOITALL IS COMPLETELY FREE. We do this to incentivize you to manage all of your listings through Knoitall. You are NEVER charged for items that sell through your learning center. You are only charged a fee by Knoitall if one of your items sells through our marketplace at

  1. Create or upload your listings through your Knoitall account. When you create a new listing, you have the option of advertising that listing to our audience, in which case we will forward prospective students to you, or you can elect to have Knoitall handle the purchase (for everything except degree and certificate programs). If you decide to have us handle the purchase through Knoitall, we protect consumer purchases through our Knoitall Buyer Protection Plan.
  2. Prospective buyers search, find, and assess your offerings through Knoitall.
  3. Students purchase your offerings, request more information, or save them to their wish list.
  4. If a student purchases one of your listings through Knoitall, the funds will be transfered directly into your Stripe account. You don't even need a bank account to receive payments through Stripe. If you elect to advertise your offerings and wish to receive prosepctive students, Knoitall will link them to a landing page on your site.
  5. If a student purchases one of your offerings, Knoitall will deliver to the student a receipt with a QR code and directions to provide this receipt to you at the first session. This document provides confirmation to you and to Knoitall that the student paid for enrollment in your offering.
  6. When you receive a registration receipt, you scan the QR code with any smart phone "free" QR code reader, and the attendance of the student will be stored in your Knoitall account.
  7. After the learning is completed, you can add any comments or a badge of completion to the student's record in Knoitall, which will appear in the student's Knoitall account.
  8. All reminders to the student, you, and your instructors about an upcoming learning session are automatically generated by Knoitall.

Follow the steps below to get started setting up YOUR learning center.

Why Set Up a Learning Center Through Knoitall?

  • We have a unique business model that is loved by our learning community. You can set up a learning center for FREE and list free resources as well. Knoitall has NO listing fees. Anything that sells through your learning center is free as well. Many learning providers frame their learning center into their own website or link to it using our "Share" tools. Anything you list for sale through Knoitall can also be sold in our consumer marketplace at Knoitall only charges you a fee when something gets sold through our Knoitall marketplace. This gives you a robust, mobile-friendly platform upon which to build and grow your learning business AND a powerful way to increase sales by leveraging our distribution channel.
  • Knoitall is a global community of lifelong learners looking to purchase the types of learning items you offer. Our marketplace supports learning opportunities from "cradle to grave".
  • We are hyper local, providing tools to consumers that help them find your opportunities near to where they live or work.
  • Our marketplace gives you flexibility in what you sell and how much. You decide how many prospects you want to receive, and how many class seats or items you want to sell. In addition, you decide how long you want your listing to be active. Knoitall makes sure that you don't exceed the number of available seats, and that your listing doesn't appear after its expiration date.
  • We help you sell your offerings. Add coupons to your offerings, badges of completion, or set up early bird discounts that expire after a particular date. It's up to you. Our marketplace supports a number of pricing options.
  • We help you manage your customers. Our platform automatically generates emails to your students, your instructors, and you to help you manage your upcoming learning events. One day before the session your instructor will automatically receive a complete roster of the students including any special needs the students may have. Our registration management system helps you track student attendance at each session, and helps keep you connected to customers long after the completion of your event.

Create Your Free Account

  1. Join for Free
  2. Add Locations Where You Will Deliver your Learning (or don't if you'll be selling online products or services)
  3. Add Instructors who Teach for You (or just add yourself as the instructor. You can always add more instructors as your business grows.)
  4. Assign an Advisor to Answer Questions (if you don't we'll automatically forward questions from potential buyers directly to you.)

Create a Listing

If you have something that provides learning outcomes, we would like to see it in our marketplace. We allow you to post the following types of learning:

  • Classes, Lessons & Seminars
  • Tutoring, academic advising, and other one-to-one forms of learning
  • Learning-related Products that must be shipped
  • Online learning opportunities, like videos, MOOCS, slide shows, and webinars
  • Free Resources
  • Certification Programs
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees

To post learning for sale, log into your account, click the "List" button and complete the form. We do the rest, handling purchases, payments, and notifications to you and your learners.

Manage Your Learning Audience

You will be notified at the email we have on file for you whenever a member of our community requests more information on your items, or when an item is purchased. You can also log into your account at any time to see a current listing of your sales by item. Through this page you also have access to email any of your consumers with more information on your learning items.

  • Check In for Your Learning Events - If you are enrolling students in classes or other learning-related events and you wish to have Knoitall book the enrollments, the student will receive a receipt from Knoitall with a QR code that he or she will store on their cell phone or print out as proof of enrollment. If you are selling a block of sessions, our system will note the number of sessions the consumer has purchased and this will be included on their receipt.
  • Prior to Your Learning Event - On the day prior to your learning event Knoitall will automatically send out a reminder to each participant, including any items that he/she should bring to the event. If you have designated an instructor for your event, we will send them a reminder email as well, and include in the email the roster of those that are registered for the class or lessons.
  • The Day of the Learning Event - On the day of the event students will bring their Knoitall-produced enrollment confirmation. You will want to check in each participant so that you have a record of their attendance. If there are many participants, we have found that the easiest way to check them in is to print out the roster and put a check mark next to each participant as you receive their enrollment confirmations, and then go through later and check them into the event. You can then scan the QR codes associated with each participant's registration confirmation and our system will check them into the event.
  • After the Event - You can view and manage all of your consumers from within your account. You will be able to quickly see if the consumer checked in for the event, and the number of sessions he/she has attended. Use this to track when your consumer is ready to purchase his/her next set of sessions.

Contact Customer Support

If you're looking for more help or have a question to ask, please contact us