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In order to understand our team and our mission, you need to understand what we believe about learning and education, and that is that in every form, education is simply packaging.  Whether it’s a tutor delivering music lessons or Harvard delivering a PhD., it’s the packaging of a set of learning outcomes, and the willingness people will pay to receive those outcomes from that learning provider.  Everything else is secondary.  Who delivers the learning, whether it's delivered in a classroom, on a grassy field, or online, and whether they serve donuts and deliver a nice bound certificate upon completion is all secondary to the core issue of "What specific learning outcomes will I achieve by completing this package?"

So learning outcomes form the foundation of Knoitall and our efforts to level the playing field for consumers and learning providers.  

We help providers package and sell what they know around a set of learning outcomes that are identified as part of their learning package.  Because of this, we can compare a degree program at UCLA to a class delivered by a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.  What if I told you that you would gain all of the critical learning outcomes for starting and financing your venture, growing your team, and exiting the business from the VC for 1/20th the cost of a UCLA degree in new venture creation?  And you could complete it in 1/10th the time through intense one-on-one sessions versus a large classroom.  Wouldn't you be interested?  We believe you would...especially if you could compare the effectiveness of each in delivering on those learning outcomes.  This is why we believe Knoitall is so valuable to our audience.

We believe in the Gig Economy, and in the new marketplaces like Uber and AirBnb that help me monetize those things I aleady have...an extra bedroom or my car.  Knowledge is one category that doesn’t have a platform to monetize what I know.  We work every day to push Knoitall further towards being that platform; a marketplace that combines commerce with community and user generated content. 

Thank you for reading this learning post, and we hope you will join our learning community.