Spanish for Medical Professionals II


Online - Class



  1. Build on your foundation of Spanish for healthcare providers by learning medical terminology and phrases from a variety of medical fields as well as Spanish grammar.


Do you feel like you have a pretty good sense of intro Spanish, but are ready to take it to the next level? This course picks up where the first course, Spanish for Medical Professionals, left off. And if you didn't take the first course, no problem! This course is also for healthcare providers who already have a pretty good sense of Spanish, but just need more medical vocabulary to sharpen their skills. We'll review the basic body parts and organs, but we'll also explore vocabulary and phrases related to insurance and expressions for patient assessments, exams, and communicating pain. You'll learn terminology found in tons of specialties, including pediatrics, geriatrics, mental health, OB/GYN, radiology, orthopedics, cardiovascular, oncology, physical and occupational therapies, dermatology, dentistry, and ophthalmology. We'll even talk about terms related to diet and discharge. It's a great Spanish foundation for healthcare workers! And for grammar? While we won't spend a ton of time here, at this point in your Spanish learning, it's useful to learn how to make your own sentences and not just rely on memorized phrases. So you'll review the basics of pronouns and present tense verbs (both regular and irregular), and begin to learn about reflexive verbs, commands, past tense (preterite and imperfect), present progressive tense, comparisons, and phrases for giving advice and suggestions. If you've studied Spanish before, the course provides a nice review, and if not, it's a good way to get your first exposure to these grammar points. So come along and follow our Spanish-speaking families! See what situations our patients Hctor, Mara, Javier, and Pili get into this time!


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