More than a blogging platform, Knoitall is an influencer monetization platform

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  1. Learn why we believe Knoitall is better platform for bloggers

We love Wordpress.  It's an incredible and easy-to-use platform for creating a blog and a website.  In fact, it's more than's an ecosystem, with hundreds of apps to help you extend the platform.  

But Wordpress fails in providing a true monetization platform for bloggers, and making money is always listed as one of the top reasons people start and continue to run a blog.  

The vast majority of bloggers make their money through the Amazon affiliates program and Google Adwords.  These companies give out a small percentage to bloggers for access to their audience.  

We believe there's a better solution.  We believe that many bloggers are also perceived as experts in the domain in which they blog. And we believe the best way to monetize this distinction is through packaged learning opportunities that can be sold to your audience and to others who may not currently follow you, but who may be interested in the topics that you cover.

This is why we built the Knoitall platform.  It supports a network of knowledge seekers and those who are the experts in delivering that knowledge.  For many of us, those experts are bloggers.  

The beauty of the Knoitall platform is that it combines content creation with a marketplace that allows the influencer to sell their time, either in the form of a class, one-on-one session, or through the sale of learning-related poducts.  Our tools are easy to use, and they give the blogger a framework for creating all sorts of learning opportunities that can be sold.  

And all of a blogger's resources, from learning posts to products and services for sale, are hosted in the blogger's learning center on the Knoitall platform.  

It's free to set up a learning center, and everybody who joins Knoitall gets one.  Members of our network can both share knowledge and receive knowledge from others.  This fulfills are vision of "Learn more...share more...grow together."

We hope you will join us.