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Who is Knoitall?: Knoitall manages an online marketplace that helps people sell what they know. The marketplace currently hosts over 90,000 listings. 

Mission Statement: We seek to become the dominant sales channel for learning-related products and services. 

The Problem: Within the “New Gig Economy”, people are looking for new ways to monetize what they have. 

The Solution: Within 5 minutes anyone can create a free store on the Knoitall platform and package what they know into a learning offer that can be sold through Knoitall.

Key IP:  Our tools for organizing, packaging, and selling learning-related events and content.

Why Now?: The “Gig” economy is exploding. 34% of the US workforce now define themselves as “freelancers” looking for new ways to monetize what they have.

Target Market: There are over 160 million bloggers on the internet today. Bloggers list “making money” as one of the top five reasons they started a blog. 

Competition: Our competitors include Amazon Associates and Google Adwords.

Key Competitive Advantage: With Knoitall, you can set up your store and begin selling your expertise to your audience in minutes.

Our Built-In Network: Our competency map forms the network through which anyone can find, add, and follow other learning suppliers. It also allows for content to be mapped into other stores.

The Business Model: It’s free to set up your Knoitall learning center and share free content. We charge a 5% sales fee for any learning event or learning product that sells through Knoitall.

The Team: Knoitall’s cofounders, Jeff Creighton (CEO) and John Zappa (COO) both have successfully run internet companies in the learning space and have collectively raised over $25 million from top-tier VCs in prior ventures.

Conclusion: First mover advantage in a highly fragmented and massive market. An online marketplace in production led by an experienced team.