How to Build Your Online Presence through Knoitall

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  1. Learn how to use the Knoitall platform to build your online presence.
  2. Learn the importance of building your authority index and how to position yourself as an expert.

Steve Kamb has 50,000 followers for his blog called Nerd Fitness.  Darren Rowse has 846,000 for his digital photography blog.  There are thousands more like them, in just about every conceivable topic area you can think of.  How did they do it?  

There are a few key principles that every one of these social titans has employed:

  1. They are perceived as an authority on the topics they cover.  
  2. They all have blogs with compelling content and images that is being updated and refreshed continually.
  3. They leverage multiple social media channels to improve their domain authority.

Knoitall is one of the social channels that can position you as an authority by giving you a platform where you can "educate" others about the topics for which you want to be perceived as an authority.  For many current bloggers, this means using the Knoitall platform to build a learning resource center that can be added to their own blog page.

Building your domain authority requires heavy lifting in the creation and management of new content that reflects your knowledge on the topics you cover.  For many, this starts with the development of a blog or a Youtube channel.  

Once these pieces have been created, Knoitall allows you to bring these components into your learning center by tagging this content with Knoitall's learning framework so that people have context for how the content helps them acquire the knowledge they seek. Knoitall also allows you to augment these channels by creating learning posts directly on the Knoitall platform.

When you have created a following and they believe you are an authority, you can then begin to monetize this audience by selling your valuable time.  This is usually done through a package of coaching sessions or one-to-one tutoring that is created, packaged, and sold on the Knoitall platform.  

Once you have created your vibrant community, you can then deliver group classes or webinars that leverage your time to maximize your revenues.  But understand that these revenue generating opportunities only come AFTER you've created a following that believes you are an authority on your chosen topics.