Grilling 101: Now that You've Bought Your Grill, What Next?

Grilling, Barbecue and Southern Foods Expert

Online - Advising
1 Hour
1 Session


Days of the Week: Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat


  1. Learn how to season your grill and why it's important
  2. Learn the difference between direct and indirect heat and when to use it
  3. Learn which accessories you need and which you don't need to grill your favorite foods
  4. Uncover the secrets of the grilling trilogy and how it will change your grilling life


So now that you have a grill; what are you going to do with it?  Learn the fundamentals of grilling from Elizabeth Karmel.  In this one-to-one session, Karmel will explain how outdoor cooking is 10% skill and 90% the will to grill.  Together you will identify your favorite foods to grill and learn the specific tips that will make you a great griller in your own back yard.


Instructor: Elizabeth Karmel

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I will reach out to you through email to schedule the sessions


Come with a list of your favorite foods and information on your current grill set up.


You need to have something to take notes with. You will be writing down the secrets to grilling success.


I may identify a few recipes for you and provide links to those recipes based upon the session outcomes.


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