Building Your Brand By Leveraging the Learning Pyramid

Knoitall, Inc.

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  1. Understand what the learning pyramid is and how people progress along it
  2. Learn how to build your brand by creating content within the key layers of the learning pyramid

Through my experience as an instructor and observer of others, I have come to the conclusion that most people learn through a structured pyramid that I define as the learning pyramid. The essence of the pyramid is an understanding that people move from unstructured learning, which is really nothing more than information gathering around a particular topic, to the much more structured formal learning that can occur in a classroom environment over a period of months or even years. 

The vast majority of learning we obtain occurs through information gathering...either through a simple web search, a Wikipedia article, or a learning post like the ones we support through Knoitall.  The risk level is low.  This information is almost always free, and my level of engagement is low as well. More times than not we are passiveThe Learning Pyramidly collecting information to gain new skills or maintain our level of understanding around a set of skills.  

If we are truly engaged in mastering a set of skills, we will move up the pyramid towards more formal learning by engaging with a coach, participating in a class, or, we may even enroll in a certifcate or degree program to immerse oneself in the topic.  

I have observed that people don't generally start in the middle or top of the pyramid.  Instead, they progress through the pyramid on a linear path, gaining knowledge and engagement towards a greater commitment of time and money as they seek to master those skills they are most passionate about.

We can apply this thinking towards building our brands as experts in particular topics.  If you want to begin positioning yourself as an expert in a particular topic, I recommend that you start by creating a number of learning posts around that topic that show your knowledge and skill set.  Once you have created a number of learning posts and have built an audience that follows you because of your knowledge demonstrated through those posts, then you can move on to charging for greater engagement, either by listing a set of coaching sessions, a webinar, or a class.  

As you build your brand through these offerings, you may choose to move into the "Big Leagues", offering multi-day seminars or your own certification programs...those that carry real weight within the marketplace because of who you are and the expertise you have already demonstrated through your other learning opportunities that fall within the lower levels of the learning pyramid.

Good luck.