30 Minute Consultation

Employee Education Advisory Program

Online - Advising
0.50 Hours
1 Session



  1. Let us help you determine the best education path based upon the skills you are looking to develop
  2. We will answer your questions regarding the new learning formats, delivery options, and payment plans


The cost of this advising session will be billed to Intel. To enroll, click Purchase 30 Minute Consultation, and an approval request will be automatically sent to your manager. Once your manager approves, you will receive an email with directions to complete an intake questionnaire and schedule your first session.

Are you thinking about obtaining a certification or attending classes and want to understand potential programs? For example, you would like to learn of some good classes for cybersecurity.

This 1/2 hour educational advising session can benefit those who have questions about different certification programs. We will deliver this session through phone and web-meeting.
This session does not evaluate your particular situation or educational goal, nor does it evaluate degree programs.

We recommend using the Educational Advising for Degree Seekers option if you are interested in a more comprehensive comparison report on education options best suited for you.


Select the "Purchase 30 Minute Consultation" button  to start the process. 

Cancellation Policy
You may reschedule your appointment up to 24 hours prior to your session. Within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment you may not reschedule. If you are not able to reschedule your session within the time frame allotted, your employer will be billed for the session.


Click on the "Purchase 30 Minute Consultation" button to request advising services. The request will be routed to your manager for approval. Once your manager approves, you will receive an email with directions to complete an advising intake questionnarire. After completion of the questionnaire you may schedule your first session with an advisor.


You are enrolling in a block of one-on-one advising sessions with this provider. You will be enrolling in these sessions directly through the provider's website, and all provider payment and refund policies will apply. If you have any questions on those policies, please communicate directly with the provider.